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Iraq Medical Tourism to indiaHelp for Iraqis seeking medical treatment/procedure in India.
“Can I get quality medical treatment in India?” “How do I get connected with the right Doctors?” “What are the medical visa procedures?” The questions you face can seem as numerous as the sources of advice offering answers.

Mirage Healthcare provides good advice, practical travel information, and guidance that can help you take a right decision and get quality treatment. If any of your questions are unanswered here, please feel free to ask us.

Procedures/ medical treatments facilitated by us:
View a list of common procedures facilitated by Mirage Healthcare by clicking here. If your procedure is not listed, please feel free to ask us. We are a registered Ltd Company facilitating medical tourism. Know about us by clicking here.

What is the process for Nigerian patients to avail treatment in India through our services?

  • The process starts with analyzing of your medical reports by our senior doctors/surgeons. To enable analyzing the reports, please scan and email your reports and medical history to info@miragesearch.com or Upload file. Not less than 4 specialists will analyze and provide unbiased medical recommendations.
  • The recommendations along with estimated cost will be sent to you. You review the recommendations and choose the specialist you prefer. During this stage, we are with you to advice on the best hospital, and guide you through the decision making process.
  • We also help our patients and attendants get medical visa acceptance and arrange travel.

What are the Indian medical visa (MED Visa) requirements ? How to get the medical visa?
For detailed visa requirements, please visit the Indian Embassy website www.indianembassybaghdad.in.

Oral Polio Vaccination/IPV is a compulsory requirement. OPV/IPV certificate to be carried along is valid for one year from the date of administering it.

Yellow Fever Vaccination for all except infants less than six months is mandatory for those travelling to India.

Required documents for Indian Medical Visa for Nigerians: See it on the Indian Embassy website.( www.indianembassybaghdad.in.)

Need help in getting medical visa and filing of documentation? We can assist you once you have decided to get treated in India and have chosen the treatment package based on recommendations made by doctors. Upon receiving all relevant documents and visa invitation letters, contact your nearest Indian Embassy in your country for Indian Medical Visa.

Medical Treatment quality, Medical Procedure Cost.
We connect patients with medical teams who provide high quality treatment at affordable cost in India. Our network includes JCI and NABH accredited hospitals.

Once your reports are analyzed by doctors, we will send the estimated cost for treatment, accommodation and other expenses. Contact us for more details.

Medical procedures in India are 20% -90% cheaper than the US and most other countries! There is no compromise on quality treatment though.

What about accommodation?
We provide accommodation for you with good quality hotels. We do prior hotel booking to ensure comfortable stay for you. Once you land in India, we will arrange for pickup from airport to the hotel accommodation we have arranged for you. You can also choose your accommodations according to your budget. Accommodations are available from USD 20 to USD 1000.

Travel within in India
During your stay in India, we provide you a chauffeur driven car. Apart from treatment, if you prefer, we can also arrange for tours.

India Culture
When you visit India for medical treatment, you will get first-hand experience of the vibrant culture of our land. We’ll be happy to show the diversity of India, the rich history, the unique cuisine, the various traditions etc.

Options to spend time wisely
While you are in India, you can relax or go for a short holiday. We provide suitable travel packages based on your interest and choice. During your stay, you can visit historical monuments, go for shopping, visit museums, see holy places, go for themed recreation parks, visit gardens, etc. Call us to know the closest travel destinations.