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It is now possible to undergo high quality medical care procedures, treatments, and after-care, along with a vacation in one of the most serene and exotic tropical locations in the world – India.

From guiding you on the right choice of world class hospitals and doctors, helping you with travel arrangements, world-class accommodations, visa acquirements, and clearances, until the time you recover completely, to your follow-up consultations once you are back in your home country, everything will be taken care of by Mirage Healthcare to ask us.

Types of Medical Treatment and Assistance in India
Preventive Care, Reconstructive procedures, Treatments or Procedures, the best options for travel lovers is Mirage Healthcare. We take care of everything from Planning, Organizing to Implementation. Plus we make sure our clients are satisfied and work closely with them based on their feedback.

A complete list of the common procedures facilitated by Mirage Healthcare is available on our website.

Do People really travel for Cost efficient, yet High Quality Health Care?
Yes, with the rising cost of healthcare in USA, and the growing hassle of insurance, more and more people are now opting to venture outside their country to more cost effective and world class medical tourism destinations on the other side of the globe. The main attraction is the quality of the service, highly competent health care professionals, great prices and above all be treated like a king, feel like a king and live like a king during your stay.

The table below gives a high level overview of the comparative cost of treatment.

SurgeryUSAColombiaCosta RicaIndia
Heart Bypass$144,000$14,802$25,000$3,300
Heart Valve Replacement$170,000$18,000$30,000$5,500
Hip Replacement$50,000$6,500$12,500$7,000
Hip Resurfacing$50,000$10,500$12,500$7,000
Knee Replacement$50,000$6,500$11,500$6,500
Spinal Fusion$100,000Not Provided$11,500$6,500
Dental Implant$2,800$1,750$900$1,000
Gastric Sleeve$28,700$7,200$10,500$5,000
Gastric Bypass$32,927$9,900$12,500$5,000
Lap Band$30,000$9,900$8,500$3,000
Tummy Tuck$9,750$3,500$5,300$3,000
Breast Implants$10,000$2,500$3,800$3,500
Face Lift$15,000$5,000$6,000$4,000
Hysterectomy$15,000Not Provided$5,700$2,500
Lasik (both eyes)$4,400$2,000$1,800$500
Cornea (both eyes)Not ProvidedNot Provided$4,200Not Provided
RetinaNot ProvidedNot Provided$4,500$850

Source : Medical Tourism Association

What is the procedure for American patients to obtain medical treatment in India through Mirage Healthcare Services?
Visit our home page to view your medical trip process.

What are the Indian medical visa (MED Visa) requirements? How to get the medical visa?
Foreign nationals who come to India for medical treatment are mandated to have an Indian medical visa. A medical visa is granted to those tourists who wish to obtain treatment at certified/ accredited hospitals in India. Not more than two attendants, who are blood relatives, will be allowed to accompany the patient. The patient would require a Medical “M” visa and the attendant would require a Medical Attendant “MX” visa to come to India.

Documents required for MED Visa

  • The patient seeking treatment must submit the following documents:
  • Completed application form
  • Original passport
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • Address proof
  • Fees payable for the services must be submitted as Demand draft
  • Medical report from a recognized hospital or clinic,which includes the total length of treatment and patient details. The Reports must include the treating doctor’s name and signature, official seal and nature of illness.

Travel Vaccinations
Oral Polio Vaccination/IPV is a compulsory requirement. OPV/IPV certificate to be carried along is valid for one year from the date of administering it.

Yellow Fever Vaccination for all except infants less than six months is mandatory for those travelling to India.

MedicalVisa Procedures
Once you select a treatment package in India, Mirage Healthcare India will assist you in getting medical visa and all other paperwork. You need to contact your nearest Indian Embassy in your country for Indian Medical Visa, as soon as you receive all relevant documents and Visa invitation letters.

Choose Mirage Healthcare
Mirage Healthcare is a registered Limited Company that will transform your medical travel to a beautiful dream. Vacationing by the beach side is heavenly. The post-surgery recovery seems easy as pie, when this happens in a nice and calm vacation spot. Gaining popularity in recent years is the concept of medical care tourism.

What else can you ask for, when we are willing to make this; a dream comes true for you.

Relax by the cool beaches with an ice cold beer or Margarita, and enjoy the blue waves lashing against the sandy beach, while Mirage Healthcare washes your worries away. At your service 24/7, don’t hesitate to contact us and enjoy our hospitality in the land of colors, lakes, rivers, beaches and mountains. The choice is yours.