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Cancer / Oncology Treatments

Oncology is the medical study of cancer including its diagnosis, prevention, and therapy, which usually comprises three types of treatment: surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, with the follow-up care

Plastic & Reconstructive / Cosmetic Surgery

It is the most wide-spread form of plastic surgery and is associated with voluntary and optional surgical or non-surgical practices (e.g.: Botox, laser hair removal) that are intended to improve appearance, boost self-confidence, correct unaesthetic features, forms, sizes or conceal the signs of aging.

Dental Treatment

Dental tourism is one of the most dynamically developing sub-sectors of medical tourism. With this new trend, dental patients around the globe say no to the fear and pain usually associated with dental procedures.

IVF & Infertility Treatments

Human fertility goes far beyond biological-instinctive factors; it is a complex issue that has a lot to do with culture, social conditions, emotional aspects, nutrition, and economics. The falling birth rate in developed countries is a great medical and economic concern.

Cardiac Treatment (Heart Surgery)

Cardiac/Cardiovascular TreatmentsCardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Top cardiovascular care programs treat patients from diagnosis to treatment, and recovery by providing a continuum of progressive care through a team of cardiologists.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplantation Procedure (Kidney Transplant, Renal Transplant) What is a kidney transplant? A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from another person. The kidney may come from a deceased organ donor or a living donor.

Orthopedic & Joint Treatment

Orthopedic Surgeries abroad – Find Doctors, Specialists and more. Suffering a severe muscular-skeletal injury or developing a deformity often makes surgical intervention unavoidable. Given such a condition what you will badly need is a well-qualified, reliable orthopedic doctor

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Whether you are fighting seasonal allergies, frequent sinus infections, or another ear, nose, and throat issues, Mirage Healthcare offers a variety of innovative procedures that can minimize the effects of the passing seasons. From laser sinus treatment to image-guided nasal surgery to balloon sinuplasty.

Spine Surgery Treatment

If you’ve struggled with back pain for any length of time, you may be wondering if spine surgery is your only treatment option. Sometimes, surgery is the only treatment. However, there’s good news. The vast majority of back problems can be remedied with non-surgical treatments—often referred.

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic but is a particularly acute concern in economically developed countries like the U.S.A, or U.K. Obesity is a medical condition in which increased the amount of body fat induces health-threatening problems. It is attributed to multiple factors like excessive food intake, lack of exercise, genetics or hormonal disorders.

General Surgery

Operations performed by hand or highly specialized instruments are unpleasant but most of the time unavoidable interventions to explore problems or to restore ideal functions and form.
It is usually a one-off treatment and follow-up care, on very rare occasion does it require continuous care