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Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS)Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS) is changing one’s voice to a higher voice tone. It is for the patients who have experienced abnormal hormone functions that were affected by a urogenital syndrome or androphobia, or through the side effect of the hormone treatment for aplastic anemia. However, Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS) is mainly performed to the GID (Gender Identity Disorder) patients, which is a male to female transgender.

Male to Female Voice Rhinoplasty is a procedure that changes the voice of a male into a female voice to help establish the sexual identity.

Females usually differ significantly from males in the fundamental frequency and resonance. The primary frequency of male voices typically ranges from 100-150 Hz while ranging from 170-220 Hz in females. Men produce low voices because they have bigger chambers of the throat and mouth. Thus, by altering the larynx, pharynx, and the chambers which produce the sound, a male sounding voice can be changed to a female-sounding voice.


Voice feminization is the desired goal of changing a perceived male sounding voice to recognized female sounding voice. The term voice feminization is used to describe what the outcome you want of surgical techniques, speech therapy, self-help programs and a general litany of other techniques to acquire a female-sounding voice. The methods used for voice feminization vary from professional techniques used for vocal training, speech therapy by trained speech pathologists and several Pitch altering surgeries.