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Buttock Lift, Gluteoplasty, Butt Lift surgeryA Buttock Lift – Gluteoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your buttocks by removing excess and sagging skin from buttocks and thighs. The need of Buttock Lift mainly develops because of excess weight loss, aging, gravity, or genetics. A Gluteoplasty makes the buttocks appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled by raising and tightening the skin.

When to Consider

  • If your buttock area makes you feel self-conscious.
  • When you have loose, sagging skin and extra fat in your buttocks
  • If the excess skin and fat make you uncomfortable or cause mobility problems
  • If you recently experienced dramatic weight loss and are close to your ideal weight.

Buttock Lift, Gluteoplasty, Buttock Lift surgery, Buttock Lift procdure