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Phalloplasty surgery is a surgical penile augmentation to enhance the length, girth, and the glands of the penis.

Candidates for Phalloplasty are:

  • penile enlargementMen who have a birth defect or have had an injury that removed the penis
  • Women who have transitioned into men–commonly known as a transgendered female-to-male
  • Men who want to enhance their penis to impress sexual partners or increase their self-esteem
  • Traumatic injury of penis,
  • Malignant neo-formations.

It is possible to perform the full construction of neo-phallus, as the reconstruction of injured penis, too.

What are the Advantages of Phalloplasty Surgery?

  • Lengthening or enlarging your penis can boost self-esteem and also help quite a bit when it comes to sexual enjoyment.
  • Extreme Penile curvature makes sexual penetration painful. It can be treated by Phalloplasty surgery.
  • The superficial (skin) sensation rate also fares well at 83% of patients.
  • Circumference can be increased by 50 percent or more depending on the patientïs own wishes.
  • Because of smaller incisions, there will be less scar tissue produced that later possibly could obstruct the lengthening and therefore the new method yields a better overall result.
  • An overwhelming 93% of patients stated that after phalloplasty, they were happy with their genitals (or in other words, felt they were complete as men).

What is expected in Phalloplasty Procedure?

Length, as well as circumference, can be enhanced, an inch to two and a half inches longer and up to fifty percent thicker (except for the head). The length you achieve can not be predetermined before the surgery, it all depends on how much length you have inside of you being supported by ligaments that the surgeon cuts detaching the penis from the pubic bone, allowing the penis to extend fully from the body.  The angel of the erection will be less acute, and I would guess you lose at least some control.  At least one surgeon I read about reattach the ligaments, so the angle of your erection does not change, he is also the only one I have found that performs this surgery with a laser and microscope which reduces the size of the incision and scar tissue formation.


Results range from 1 inch to 2 inches flaccid and 1 to 1.5 inches erect.  The limiting factor is the patient’s anatomy.  There is no way to predict what that length will be before surgery and a small group of men (up to 6 percent) will have no length gain at all.  Postoperative stretching or weights are essential to success.

Girth Enhancement

As far as girth (thickness) enhancement goes you have options:

  • Free fat transfer: – With Free Fat transfer your fat is gathered using liposuction then the fat cells are treated to help reduce the chance of absorption and then transferred into your penis.
  • Dermal fat grafts: – The Dermal Graft technique is the most invasive of the options because the skin is removed from a donor site somewhere on your body and then treated and transferred to your penis.


The AlloDerm technique is the least invasive as well as the most expensive because you have to buy the AlloDerm (processed cadaver tissue) and then it is “installed” into your penis much like a dermal graft. Obviously, it is the least invasive because it’s not your body supplying the material for enhancement.

If you have pubic hair, then that should camouflage the scar almost completely. It seems that the most complications come from excess scar tissue forming and sometimes even reducing length.